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Oklahoma City is one of those places you can forget in the middle of the United States, but the seafood selection is surprisingly simple. I thought OKC would have decent seafood, and there are a surprising number of options, including Drake's.

If you are looking for a fantastic farm-to-table comfort food, this fabulous little café is hard to beat. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, making it a great place to grab a bite when strolling downtown and right across from Myriad Gardens. I recommend this restaurant when you make a reservation, but it is often crowded with long waits for lunch or dinner.

If you are dining with a large group, the Paseo Grill has a separate private dining area that can accommodate up to 80 people. Ludivine's is ideal for intimate business lunches, but if you really want to delight your staff, book one of the various private restaurants. This restaurant can seat 52 people and is able to make purchases for business groups and other occasions if planned long enough in advance.

Non-seafood lovers will also find plenty of delights, including coconut-baked French toast and decadently dipped breastfeeding puppies in honey butter and spicy sauce. When ordering from the menu, be sure to accommodate food allergies and let your server know, because the kitchen is completely new. You may want to save some space for the grilled pineapple, but if not, pass the dessert on.

If you're looking for a romantic restaurant in the OKC with aphrodisiacs on the menu, the oysternette is perfect. If you're drunk and hungry and want to become one, follow the pink elephant on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Although Waffle Champion does not have a private function room, they offer buyouts for reduced menus and bespoke cocktails, and often host events for those looking for a different kind of vibe. Osteria offers a restaurant that rents 76 seats (or a few hundred) in cocktail hour format for $76 per seat, or $150 per hour in cocktail hour format.

If you're looking for a bed and breakfast in Oklahoma City to end a great night in a romantic restaurant, visit Montford Inn & Cottages. If you like the idea of simply buying one of these homes in Oklahoma City, you may be lucky if you are here to visit.

If the atmosphere and cuisine at Ranch Steakhouse does not seal the deal, the service will do so, as the staff strives for complete guest satisfaction. Bleu Garden is a great place to relax and unwind, welcoming all kinds of animals, including dogs, making it a perfect place for people watching the Belle Aisle side of Walmart. The terrace is home to a fireplace, which also provides a cosy autumn meal.

Not to be confused with the chain of the same name, Cattlemen's Steakhouse opened in Oklahoma City in 2006 and has an outdoor dining room that is open to the public and used as a feeding ground for ranchers and cowboys, although it does not belong to Beaumont, Texas. Oklahoma City is known for its high-quality, organic grass-fed beef, sourced from a variety of local farms and rancher markets, as well as the state's best beef producers. Those who have a love of beef and a passion for nature will love the dinner options on the ranch.

Converted into an Art Deco culinary outpost with roasted quail tostada and a short rib melt that Dying - for It has been one of the anchors of the culinary scene for almost 20 years. There's a must-have dish - roast beef breast, pork ribs and pork chops, as well as a host of other dishes such as roast chicken, chicken wings and beef ribs.

The Paseo Grill offers a sophisticated, informal dining experience and classic American cuisine with international flair. The menu is filled with home-made pizzas - popcorn and wood-fired ovens - with each piece better than the last.

Although the menu is strictly vegetarian, even the most carnivorous OKC locals will agree that TRC has the best mocha milkshake in the world. Considering that you can find something good in the Sooner State, this is a great place for casual restaurateurs to offer an inexpensive, delicious and filling meal.

Nothing feels better than stuffing jalapeños and corn bread into my mouth at the same time or pulling pork from the grill into my mouth. Call it cramp, call it cosy, but if you don't subscribe to the "drill, baby, drill" mentality, Michael's Grill takes its place. You have no choice but to eat fried steaks, hot dogs, burgers, chicken wings, fries, salads and more for a day.

In this posh place, entertain your significant other or a high-powered executive in search of sublime scallops. This Oklahoma City restaurant is a deli and grilled cheese shop. Located on the site of a former grocery store on the corner of Main and Broadway, this tastefully redesigned place is often seen as a revival of the neighborhood and its anchor. The intimate corners are surrounded by a curtain, and you can entertain significant other and high-ranking executives in these places in search of sublime scallops.

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