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Located just off I-75, you can enjoy views of the Oklahoma City skyline and the opportunity to spot alligators in Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park. We give you a look at the best Airbnb in Australia and Texas and 12 from their lakeside home.

If you're interested, the Emerald Point Lake Travis marina is at Mile 1 and trolleys can arrive and depart anytime for $15. Visitors can hike around the lake, which is equipped with a host of amenities, including an infinity pool overlooking the lakes. If you and your friends enjoy food and drink, swimming or sunbathing in the coves, you can also book an overnight stay at one of Houston hotels, ideally located in downtown Houston.

Conveniently located on US 10, the hotel is a two-, one-, quadruple-bed, spa and wellness hotel with pool, spa and fitness center. The location is also within walking distance of the Texas State Fairgrounds, the University of Texas at Austin and the Houston Convention Center.

Towne Park also serves as Westin Memphis and the location is within walking distance of a variety of popular activities and attractions, including the Memphis Zoo, Tennessee State Fairgrounds and the Memphis Convention Center. The Sleep Inn Suites (r) Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, this hotel is just a short drive from downtown. A two-, one-, quadruple, one-bath hotel with pool, spa and fitness center, it is close to many scenic attractions including Nashville's Riverbend Park, River Bend State Park and Nashville Riverfront Park. Holiday Inn Nampa is located just a few miles from many attractions including the Great Smoky Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, Raging River National Forest, Lake Mead National Recreation Area and other national parks.

Located at Point Venture in Lago Vista, Texas, this is a fun and relaxed place to stay. Located in the heart of the city of San Antonio, just a few miles from the Texas State Fairgrounds. Hit the food trucks and snuggle up in 9 holes of golf (1 Jul 2020) and this is a really great place for a relaxing and fun stay.

This house can accommodate up to nine guests, making it the perfect retreat for a large group (July 1, 2020). You can book to stay anywhere you want for as long as you want (January 20, 2021) or wherever you want.

If you want to rent a lakeside home in Texas, add the Treehouse on Lake Travis to your Airbnb list. Pleasant trees: Welcome to this tranquil Hill Country Guest House overlooking Lake Austin, Texas. A licensed captain will take care of you And you are equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, bath, bed, bath, shower and even a private pool.

This Princeton, WV hotel is one of the most popular hotels in West Virginia with more than 1,000 rooms. This modern hotel is located in a prime location in a location that includes the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the College of William and Mary in Charleston.

Downtown Houston is ideally located in downtown Houston, but you are in the heart of the city, just steps from UT. Reserve is a luxurious waterfront community nestled in rolling hills with more than 1,000 rooms and fully equipped kitchens and bedrooms that are sufficient for a family of four. Lake Travis Real Estate is the part west of Austin, Texas, and the Reserve Reserve Reserve Hotel is part of it with over 2,500 rooms.

As of January 2021, the average rent for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom Edmond apartment will be $2,500 a month. Craigslist has a lot of apartment listings in the city, some have less than $1,000 a month, others as much as $3,400 a month in rent.

Sleep Inn Suites Near SeaWorld offers comfortable, family-run accommodations with good amenities in a great location close to attractions. Find out more about the hotel's amenities, such as a pool, pool house, spa, fitness center and much more.

The Sleep Inn Cinnaminson is located near the Atlanta United Training Center in Marietta, Georgia, just a few miles from the Georgia Dome. The hotel offers comfortable accommodation with good facilities such as a pool, pool house, spa, fitness center and much more. The Sleep Inn is one of Atlanta's best hotels, located right next to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Atlanta's largest football stadium.

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