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Whether you're driving along Route 66, exploring the Talimena National Scenic Byway or heading to Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma City, these fifteen must-see destinations are not to be missed - check out the places to visit. In this post, I highlighted some of the amazing sights of Oklahoma City that you don't want to miss during your visit. re planning a trip to Oklahoma City or just looking for a few things to do on a passing road trip, there are plenty of good things to do in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma, as well as some amazing attractions in the city itself.

Whether you're sitting back and relaxing or just looking for something out of the box, these romantic things you can do in Oklahoma City will help you plan your next trip to the state's second largest city, and they'll certainly help you reconnect with yourself and your significant other.

Check out some of the top things to do for an evening out in Oklahoma City OKC and enjoy a great way to relax with your loved ones. Visit the Visit OC Deals page for discounts on great attractions in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. As we continue our adventure through Oklahoma City, we will unveil a few more must-see attractions - Oklahoma Cities. Check out our list of all the free things you can do in OK City with a $10 or $5 gift card on your ticket for free.

So let us know in the comments below and share your favorite things you want to do with your kids in Oklahoma City, and leave a note in the comments.

There are so many amazing things to do in Oklahoma City that you want to plan your Oklahoma road trip. If you're planning a return trip, you'll want to find some of the best roadside attractions along your route. There are plenty of great family activities to top off your list of "activities" in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, but one of them is the RIVERSPORT Adventure Park.

You could easily spend a whole day alone in this area of the city and your children will never be bored. Located right next to the Oklahoma City Zoo, it is a must-see - visit attractions for children and adults alike. This is the best thing to do with kids in Oklahoma City, and it could easily have taken half a day, but you will be at the attraction all day.

Located on Automobile Alley, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There is a World War II Memorial in the area, and visiting the monument is an essential experience for older children to understand this important piece of Oklahoma City history.

Oklahoma City Zoo has a reputation as one of the best in America, and the Adventure District is home to a variety of animals including elephants, rhinos, gorillas, tigers and bears. Although there are many things that make a fine casino in Oklahoma City, it all starts with the exciting gaming opportunities.

Oklahoma City has a lot to offer, from the beautiful architecture, to the great food and entertainment, to the amazing entertainment.

Discovering your favorite OKC neighborhoods will be a highlight of any visit to Oklahoma City. Learn about some of the fast-growing areas in Oklahoma City and what to watch out for. In 2021, more than 40 acres will be opened, spanning a total of green space stretching from downtown Oklahoma City to the banks of the Oklahoma River. Other MAPS3-funded projects include a new public park in the city centre, a public library in the city centre and a park and leisure centre, as well as a community garden.

Oklahoma City has a number of outstanding museums, highlighted by the Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Oklahoma City Museum and Oklahoma State Museum. If you want to stay indoors, there is a changing schedule of museums and galleries in the city centre, as well as a wide selection of galleries and art galleries.

Alternative tourist attractions in Oklahoma City include many museums and historic houses, while sporting attractions such as watching horse racing in Remington Park and the Oklahoma State Museum are also popular.

If you love sport, consider attending a basketball game that is more for you than for me. I come to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team play at the Peak, while the Chesapeake Energy Arena is home to the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team, and I love watching them play.

Walk down the street to learn more about Oklahoma at the Oklahoma History Center, and also learn how Oklahoma City was literally a city that was built one day. In 1909, the city approved Lincoln Park Zoo, now called Oklahoma City Zoo.

Located in the heart of Oklahoma City's Adventure District, the Lincoln Inn is a place to enjoy a Bricktown Water Taxi ride, play dates in Brickopolis and enjoy, or check in at the Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. You can easily maneuver your way through the many fantastic things you can do in your car, from taking the OKC tram to a relaxing brick boat ride from Brick Town to a boat ride in the Brick Town water taxi. OK City has a number of wonderful attractions near the hotel, including the Great Oklahoma Music Festival, Oklahoma State University's Music Hall of Fame and Oklahoma Museum.

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