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Oklahoma City, the capital of Oklahoma, is one of the largest cities in the United States and is known for its high quality of life, vibrant culture and dynamic economy. While Tulsa is recognized as the arts and cultural center of our state, it is also our second largest metro area with a population of about 3.5 million.

Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of natural gas and crude oil producers in the United States. In addition to energy, Oklahoma's economy is based on oil and gas, as well as other industries such as agriculture, forestry, and mining. Workers who live and work in Oklahoma will find plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities offered by the state's many parks, trails, parks and recreational facilities, as well as fountains like the Oklahoma River and the Great Plains.

The people you meet, the relationships you develop, and the stories you experience will change your life. Joining the ScribeAmerica team at Scribes is a great opportunity for you to work in one of the most diverse and dynamic cities in the United States: Oklahoma City.

If you are interested in working at Oklahoma City VAHCS, please contact Nurse Margaret Tollison for more information. We are dedicated to caring for America's heroes and are determined to meet the needs of our valued nurses. From helping you access medical and nursing schools to providing invaluable advice and insight, partnering with doctors will shape your future as a health professional. It is our mission to support nurses who inspire nurses to inspire themselves, not only to lead by example as accomplished professionals, but also to inspire their patients, their families and their communities.

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Many colleges and universities in Oklahoma have advertised flexible jobs in the past, but several Oklahoma-based companies have begun offering flexible positions in recent years, including the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma City University, to name a few. The PBNR programme is open to all post-secondary school-educated nurses who take on their first nursing role after leaving school for no more than 12 months. TTP programmes are open to both ADN and BSN, with a focus on supporting new qualified nurses in the transition to nursing.

Most jobs require an online application, although some healthcare jobs only allow the submission of a CV and CV, which must be taken into account. The Dental Service of Oklahoma City (VAHCS) offers a wide range of flexible positions, from dentists to dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental assistants.